Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Pretty Cool Team

It’s Saturday afternoon and time to take a break from formatting! I’m speaking at Hiway Church tomorrow morning and I’ve got the message worked out. Now I’ve got to put together a PowerPoint presentation to go with it. Speaking in churches sure has changed since the introduction of digital projectors. It’s a lot more work for the speaker to put together a message AND a presentation, but a good presentation can really enhance the message. A bad presentation? Well… ‘painful’ would be a nice way to put it! (I’m aiming for the good one, of course :)

A little later on this afternoon, we’re driving to Toronto to get together with a group of people from Malaysia and Singapore who have been friends and prayer/financial partners for years now. We first met many of these folks through our involvement with the Malaysian-Singaporean Bible Church (now Toronto Life-Spring Christian Fellowship), one of our supporting churches. Most have now gone on to other churches, but they have maintained their contact with us, inviting us to group gatherings whenever we are home. They have also been instrumental in connecting us with new financial partners over the past couple of years. In both prayer & finances, these folks are an important part of our team and we thank God for them!

It was when we first went to Africa that we noticed how very multicultural our support team was, not just in terms of individuals, but even in the kind of churches that partnered with us. We had a white, middle-class Canadian church in Muskoka, a southern Baptist church in Texas, a West-Indian Baptist church in Toronto, a Malaysian-Singaporean church in Toronto, and a francophone Baptist church in Quebec City. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of team God would bring together? Yup, we thought that was pretty cool, alright. It still is.

Anyway, enough goofing off here. I’d better get back to work on my presentation. I think I’m gonna have to work on it in the car too. I need all the time I can get to get this done. Guess that means Kathy will have to drive. We'd better skip the Starbucks, though. Unlike me, Kathy doesn't need a caffeine boost to be an aggressive... I mean, attentive driver (haha, just kidding, honey!)

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