Monday, August 18, 2008

Practicing for Moving Day

Boy, I’m sore and tired tonight! We got our first taste of moving stuff into storage today: fifty plastic milk crates of books. (Can you tell we love to read? Next to Starbucks coffee, books are our only other addiction; it's hopeless but not serious :) Anyway, some friends in Orillia offered to store these in the basement of their new house. But they’re leaving shortly on a trip, so we wanted to get the books in there before they took off.

Another friend from Orillia (Bob) graciously lent us his pickup truck for the job. I drove up to his place this morning, picked up the truck and took it back to Barrie where a friend and partner from Hiway Church, Roxie, came to help us load and tie down the crates prior to us driving back up to Orillia. Once there, our friends John & Ruth graciously helped us unload. That cut the time in half, but we sure were all soaked with sweat by the time we were done! I reckoned it as good practice for Burkina.

We did some more sorting and packing when we got home again this afternoon. This evening I wrote another EMU to send out, letting our friends and partners know how God has provided the remaining funds necessary for us to go.

Tomorrow morning, we’re scheduled to have our physicals and vaccinations at the Missionary Health Institute (MHI) in Toronto. Even after all this time, I still hate needles so I’m not particularly looking forward to it! But it’s got to be done, so I’d better be prepared to just grit my teeth… I mean, grin and bear it :)

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