Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Transition

We're going to be in transition for the next week or two as we finish up our time here in Canada and then work on getting set up again in Burkina, so please bear with us. We'll do our best to post here whenever we can get access to the Internet because a journey or adventure is always more fun when you can share it with other people!

We left our townhouse in Barrie on Thursday afternoon after an incredibly hectic time of final packing and cleaning. After dropping off our shipping crate and baggage at Lisle Memorial Baptist Church in Toronto for the time being, we headed off to a Toronto hotel for a couple of days to celebrate our anniversary. We were so exhausted that we ended up sleeping most of the time. Not the ideal way to spend your anniversary, is it? But we haven't felt so tired for ages, so we really needed the down time. We did get up for meals, but could hardly stay awake long enough to eat them. And once we were done, we could hardly wait to get back to our hotel room for another nap!

However, after tons of sleep in a nice bed (we've been sleeping on an air mattress for the past week because we put our box spring & mattress into storage), a few nice meals, a couple of movies, and several cups of Starbucks later, we're at least functional again. It also helped that Josh took me paintballing for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. A few good whacks from a paintball gun in the side, legs, and head is enough to wake anyone up! And I've got some beautiful multicoloured bruises to show for it!

Today, we had a recommissioning service at Lisle. This is something we've had at each of our supporting churches in the area, and we're glad for it because of a certain amount of complexity and uncertainty concerning the situation we're going back to in Burkina.

We'll be spending the next few days with our friends, Audley & Yvonne, until it's time to go to the airport on Wednesday. It's hard to believe that our next Sunday will be in Burkina Faso. Being in transition means that everything feels a little surreal right now. Almost all the normal routines and activities of our lives are gone or temporarily suspended. However, God’s direction and provision are clear, so we continue to move forward to the goal of returning to Burkina and our work with the Kusassi people.


Kathy said...

God bless you as you transition back to Burkina. We will be praying for you regularly.
John and Kathy Hancock

Mike Steinborn said...

Thanks, John & Kathy! Please keep in touch!