Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to Our Mess

Our house is a mess! It’s amazing how much stuff is actually put away somewhere out of sight in the normal household. But start hauling everything out of cupboards, closets, dressers, and storage spaces to be packed, and you’ll soon realize you’ve got a lot more stuff than you thought!

Then there are the piles: one for stuff that’s going to one place, one for stuff that’s going to another place, one for recycling, one for garbage, and one for stuff to give away. It’s getting harder and harder to move around in here! Fortunately, tomorrow is garbage and recycling day, so that’ll take care of some of the piles.

There’s nothing like a move to disrupt your routine and make you feel like your life is being turned upside down. And so many things to look after! Yesterday and today I made arrangements with the utilities (electricity, water, phone, and internet) to terminate their services at a given time. Today I arranged to have our mail forwarded to Josh’s address.

We also rented a truck for Saturday, and went to CAA to get our International Driving Permits (had to get another couple of passport photos done for that). Our airline tickets finally arrived. Not sure what the delay was, but at least they're here.

Tomorrow is our last day of packing, so it’s going to be a long and busy one. We’d better get to bed. We’re beat! We’re not 45 any more, you know! :)

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