Sunday, August 3, 2008

How To Spend A Long Weekend

Serious sorting and packing has begun. Josh and his girlfriend, Melissa, came up this weekend to help. They tackled the big job of packing our books in plastic bag-lined milk crates (to help protect them from moisture and possible water damage). Kathy organized that task and a few others. Administration/organization is one of her strong points, an invaluable ability whenever we're going on a trip or moving. I can do some, but not near on the scale that she can. I'm better at detail work, and grunt work, doing what I'm told. That's actually why Kathy & I get along so well. She tells me what to do and I do it! :)

I spent most of the day going through filing cabinets and files, trying to determine what we needed to keep for future use or reference, and consigning the rest to the scrap paper pile or the shredder. My office looks like a bit of a disaster zone! And I haven’t even started on my desk yet!

Up until last night, we weren’t sure if we were going to be doing a presentation at a church up near Orillia this evening or not. I had just begun working on putting an appropriate one together in case it was a go when the pastor finally called and asked if we could do it next Sunday instead. That was great with us because it allowed us to concentrate more on our time with Josh & Melissa today. And when we saw the traffic on the northbound highway just crawling through Barrie and further north, we were doubly thankful. It’s a holiday long weekend here, but we never expected the northbound lanes to be so congested! That being the case, it’s doubtful we could have made it to the church on time even if we’d left considerably earlier than normal.

Next Sunday, we were originally scheduled to do “An Evening With Wycliffe” presentation at a church in Aurora. But the event was cancelled due to an anticipated poor turnout. For another event earlier in the summer, they had anticipated a turnout of at least 100 people. Only 17 showed up. We can take a hint :)

This coming week promises to be busy with appointments and visits with friends and partners. And more paperwork and packing. I’d better go to bed in decent time tonight to make sure I get my beauty sleep. You don’t want to be ugly when you’re doing paperwork or packing, never mind visiting people!

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