Tuesday, August 19, 2008


First, there was the complete physical exam. I hope you don’t mind me sparing you the finer details. Let’s just say that it was… thorough. Then came my favourite part: blood samples and vaccinations. Haha, yeah, right! :) Thank God they only needed four vials of blood this time. And only had three shots to give me. I barely had time to feel faint!

Kathy had already gotten hers done, so she helpfully distracted me by telling me to look like I was in pain and then taking a few snapshots of my suffering with the camera for posterity. Fortunately I’m a very talented actor, especially when someone is sticking needles in my arms.

Then we went out to the front counter to get our immunization booklets updated. While we were there, Kathy just happened to notice that there was another shot I should have. Great! Back to “the chair”. I think she was really looking for another opportunity to get the perfect picture.

Standing at the counter again to finish up the paperwork, I suddenly broke out in a sweat and began to feel light-headed. So I went and sat down in the waiting area for a few minutes. When I came back, Kathy remarked that maybe I should have stayed there since I still looked pretty pale. The lady behind the counter said that some people just have that kind of reaction to needles, and there’s nothing they can do about it. I told her that it wasn’t really getting the needles themselves that made me dizzy this time. It was the fact that I’d just seen how much they were going to cost us! :) Haha, I guess we could say that a good vaccination hurts you twice: once when you get it, and again when you have to pay for it!

Our provincial health insurance doesn’t cover these kinds of shots, so we have to pay for them ourselves. They turned out to cost a total of $625. Ouch! Well, it’s some consolation to realize that it’s probably money well spent. It sure beats getting the typhoid, meningitis, or yellow fever that these vaccinations are designed to prevent.

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