Friday, August 22, 2008

Packing Marathon

Today was a packing marathon since it’s our last day before the U-Haul arrives tomorrow morning. I’ve still got a few things to look after in my office, but other than that, we’re pretty well done in terms of what’s got to go tomorrow. Now that everything’s in containers or boxes, things are looking a little neater in the house, though it’s still kind of crowded.

It’s almost midnight now and I’m taking a blog break. Got to wait up for Josh and friends to arrive anyway. They won’t be here for another hour or so. That’ll give me some time to work on my message for Sunday. I certainly won’t be in any shape to do it tomorrow night when we get home again!

Tomorrow is supposed to be one of the hotter days of the summer. Good practice for Burkina, I guess :)

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