Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We spent over half an hour yesterday morning in Montreal trying to get to a Starbucks that we had located on MapQuest before leaving the motel! Do you think we could get there? Not a chance! We ended up driving around in circles, squares, triangles, and several other geometric shapes before finally giving up in frustration. It didn’t help that we hadn’t yet had a decent cup of coffee that morning!

Before continuing on towards New Brunswick, we were scheduled to drop in on a fellow Wycliffe member living north of Montreal to pick up a French Wycliffe display to pass on to someone else in Quebec City on our return trip. Believe it or not, we even missed the turnoff for her place because we were looking for the street name that was given on the map! It never showed up anywhere on the road signs. I think it’s a conspiracy…

After another unplanned scenic tour of the region (and the visit with our friend), we were looking forward to finally getting on the highway and headed east again. However, to calm our shattered nerves, we decided at this point that we’d better stop and resort to a Tim Hortons coffee before continuing on our way. It wasn’t a Starbucks, but it would have to do.

We made good time, crossing the St. Lawrence River at Quebec City and continuing along the south shore until we hit Rivière-du-Loup. At this point, I had to stop and get another Tim Hortons coffee. The one earlier that day just wasn’t going to see me through! (Well, okay, we needed gas and a chance to stretch our legs too, but that’s beside the point.) We arrived in Edmundston, NB, by suppertime and spent some time calling the different motels in the city to find out which one would be the best deal.

Today we’re headed for Bathurst, NB, where we’ll be staying with David & Allison Fontaine. Allison is the missions co-ordinator for her church, a francophone Baptist one, and is the person who arranged for us to come and do our presentations here. The first one, “An Evening With Wycliffe”, takes place tonight at an anglophone Four Square church in Bathurst. The next one is Thursday evening, a modified “Welcome to Ouagadougou” presentation (in French) for some folks from Allison’s church. And the grand finale is on Saturday, a full “Welcome to Ouagadougou” event (in French) at a Christian family camp for members of four francophone Baptist churches gathering there for the weekend.

Doing all this in French is going to stretch our limits, but it’s going to be fun too :) Please pray that that we would be able to communicate clearly and effectively, and that God would use us to motivate His people here to get involved in bringing His Word to those who are still waiting for it.

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