Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Managing in Montreal

Yippeeee! I got my Starbucks! It was a few minutes after 7 by the time we got going, but Kathy allowed me a little grace period. We spent most of the day on the road, heading for Montreal. We took the back way around Toronto to avoid rush hour there. Not sure we saved a lot of time, but at least we felt like we were moving!

Kathy did most of the driving. Usually it’s me doing most of the driving, but I spent the time working on our presentations, part of which I did not get done before it was time to leave. Stopped for a very late lunch in Cornwall. I thought I spotted a Starbucks there, but it turned out to be false advertising.

We managed to get to Montreal before rush hour. If you’ve ever driven in Montreal at any time of the day, you’ll know what a zoo it can be. They have some of the roughest roads here that we’ve ever driven on. And construction galore. And lots of one-way streets.

Once we got to our motel room, we got on the Internet to look for someplace to have supper. We found a place nearby that sounded good: Mike’s! Haha, no, I don’t actually own it (not yet, anyway :) It’s a restaurant chain common here in Quebec that we’ve frequented before, kind of a middle of the road place. Anyway, MapQuest told us that it was a mere 5 minutes from our motel. Well, remember the construction and one-way streets I mentioned earlier? By the time we navigated our way through the entire northeast region of Montreal, got lost a few times, and finally found the place, it had taken us over half an hour! We chalked it up to the Lord’s way of saying, “Hey, you’re in Montreal! You might as well take in some of the sights!”

Sure hope we can find our way out of here this morning without taking all day to do it. We’re aiming for Edmundston, NB, tonight.

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