Friday, July 25, 2008

Catching Up & Looking Forward

Coming home from a trip always means spending a whole whack of time catching up on mail, correspondence (e-mail) and finances. Good thing I love this kind of stuff because I sure seem to have a lot of it to do even when we’re not away! While we had access to the Internet most days on this last voyage, we only tended to respond to e-mails that required immediate attention, leaving the rest for when we got back home. Amazing how this stuff piles up!

Because of the particular line of work we’re in, I tend to keep fairly detailed financial records, tracking income and expenses for both personal and ministry purposes. In addition, we have to complete detailed ministry expense reports every month for submission to Wycliffe.

Our passports were waiting for us at the postal outlet when we got home, so we can stroke that task off our prep list. Next we need to apply for visas to Burkina, book medical examinations and immunizations, and look into plane ticket prices again.

Those tickets are going to cost us almost $3000 total through SIAMA, a travel agency in Europe that caters to folks like us in full-time ministry. That’s a really good deal, by the way! SIAMA can bill our Wycliffe ministry expense account directly, but the funds will only be released once we have received permission to leave for the field. Wycliffe can’t give that permission until we have 100% of our support. It’s a bit of a vicious circle, so we’re looking forward to seeing how God is going to work this all out!

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