Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ya Pays Yer Money & Ya Takes Yer Chances

Remember our day guard, Benjamin? I ran a post on him some time back when he needed to borrow some money to rebuild the wall around his courtyard because it had been destroyed by the flood last September. Well, I lent him the money for that and asked him from time to time how things were coming along. Sounds like all went well until the very last stage, that of putting a cement coating on the mostly mud-brick wall to protect it from the upcoming rains. At that point the mason went off to work on other jobs, promising to come back and finish the work in the near future. He hasn’t been back since.

And why should he? Benjamin already paid him for the work in advance! And I thought it was only us dumb foreigners that made mistakes like this! I can’t believe the number of times I hear of local people making this kind of mistake as well.

I suggested that he get another mason to come and finish the work. He tried. But no other mason will touch a job that a fellow mason has begun. Some kind of code of honour among themselves, I guess. Too bad they wouldn’t extend that kind of honour to their customers!

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