Saturday, February 27, 2010

Broken Arm Update

Last weekend, we dropped in to see David, our Centre day guard. He’s the guy that had his arm broken in a motorcycle accident a while back. Well, they still haven’t operated on it yet. The surgeon is just too busy to do it before mid-March. Not the way we’d prefer to have things done, or the way they’d be done in Canada. But that’s the reality here.

The good news is that the surface wound he received appears to be healing without infection. That was one of our main concerns. And according to the latest x-ray, no significant new bone seems to be forming. If it was, they’d have to break it again in order to reset it properly. Nevertheless, in this heat, he must be itching like crazy inside that cast!

We thought about sending him somewhere else to have the repair done. But everyone we’ve talked to says that the main hospital is the best place to get bones reset. The other option is to send him out of the country. But that puts things into a whole different ball park, not just in terms of expenses, but in terms of having to send someone competent with him to make sure he was properly looked after.

Guess we’ll wait and see what happens in mid-March.

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