Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off to Singapore

Last Friday evening, I flew out of Ouagadougou on my way to attend a meeting of SIL leaders from all over the world in Singapore that would begin on Monday evening. However, I didn’t go there directly. It’s kind of a long trip and for long trips, I either like to split them up a bit, or arrive a day early at the final destination so I have some time to recuperate and adjust to the time difference (8 hours difference from Burkina). However, we were told that we could not come early to Singapore because the F1 Grand Prix was being held in Singapore on Sunday, jamming hotels and bringing all other traffic to a virtual standstill.

So I spent an overnight in London. It’s not exactly cheap to stay somewhere in London, but Kathy found something relatively economical for me right in Heathrow’s Terminal 4. It’s called Yotel and has the most compact hotel or motel room that I’ve ever stayed in!

Narrow corridors barely wide enough to roll a suitcase down lead to the rooms that are designed for either one or two people. Mine was a single, and it measured only 2 metres by 2 metres square. It consisted of a bed cubicle (complete with phone, radio, and TV) on one side, a narrow space running the length of the room on the other side, containing a toilet, a sink, and a shower on the other side, with a narrow space in between the two that provided just enough room to open the door, pull up a fold-out table surface, and store your suitcase underneath. Not fancy, but adequate. The bed was comfortable and there was next to no noise to disturb my sleep. I couldn’t help but think of the old Motel 6 commercials: “When you close your eyes, we look just like one of them big, fancy hotels!” :)

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