Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Koudougou - Part 7

The next morning, we slept in of course. But we didn’t want to stay in bed too long because we knew that our Burkinabè colleagues were probably up early, no matter how late they’d stayed up. Why? Because they had small children along! (Remember those days? :) So around 8 o’clock, we dragged ourselves out of bed and into the shower. Then downstairs to the open eating area where most of our Burkinabè friends were already sitting. Not long afterwards, Nescafe coffee, omelettes, and bread appeared on the tables. After the big meals of yesterday, I wasn’t too hungry, but sure needed the Nescafe to help me wake up.

After breakfast, we packed our stuff, loaded up the minibus, and hit the road for Ouaga. But before we hit the Ouaga-Bobo road, the group wanted to stop at a local market to buy some chickens and other supplies. So I pulled off to the side of the road at the village they indicated and we got out to walk through the market.

I must say that I always enjoy visiting a market with African friends. We still draw some unwelcome attention, but far less than if we were just by ourselves. Just some stares and comments, and getting hit up for money by old men who’d had too much to drink at one of the local beer stalls. But apart from that, no one pestered or harassed us.

In addition, Aristide was able to take pictures that I would never be allowed to take as a foreigner (he works in his family’s photography business, so is always carrying a camera or a camcorder along). Burkinabè in general do not like you taking their picture (unless they know you) because they believe that you’re going to sell the photo and make a lot of money from it while they get nothing. But Aristide snapped away no problem and I arranged to get the pictures from him later.

The ladies bought quite a lot of shea butter (made from the karité nut). I wondered what for and Aristide said they’d use it for cooking. They also bought some snacks for the kids, little cakes make from millet flour and deep-fried in oil. But try as we might, we could not find the poultry or animal section. The market did not seem to have one. However, I wasn’t too disappointed. Less mess for me to clean up in the minibus later :)

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