Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to Koudougou - Part 6

Back at the hotel, we had a rather late supper. The kids were getting tired and so were we. One of Aristide’s twin girls fell asleep in my lap. However, Aristide wanted us to check out the nightclub, so I carried her off to the nanny, and Kathy & I headed over to the “boite de nuit” as it’s called here.

Let me tell you, this was an experience in itself! We walked into a mostly darkened room and were met with a solid wall of sound. The only light came from the bar in one corner, the DJ booth at the back, and a black fluorescent light in the middle of the room. Depending on the music, various other kaleidoscopic displays of light would come on, but never for long. Once our eyes became accustomed somewhat to the darkness, we found seats on the low sofas and seats along the wall. There was still lots of room because very few people had yet arrived. It was only nearing midnight, so the night was still young :)

Aristide gave me a tour of the place, including a pretty sophisticated sound booth. I would have liked to stay in there a little longer, not just to watch the DJ at work, but because it was the only spot in the entire place where the music wasn’t absolutely deafening!

Once back at our table, we ordered something to drink, listened to the music, and watched other people arrive. There was no use trying to talk. The volume of the music made it virtually impossible. I could see Kathy across from me occasionally putting her fingers in her ears. I kept turning my head to find the position that was the least painful for mine. Even the music at the rock concert I attended a few years ago with Josh wasn’t that loud!

To be honest, it was beyond me why anyone would subject their ears to that kind of abuse for any length of time! Kathy & I finished our drinks as quickly as we could, made our excuses, and headed for the relative tranquility of the night outside. Wow! What a relief! Well, now I can say I’ve been to a boite de nuit. But I don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon. Once was enough!

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