Friday, July 16, 2010

A Day Off

A cool and rainy day in Ouagadougou. Kathy & I decided earlier this week that we would take today off. We’ve been going flat out for months and have a busy weekend coming up, so we told the day guard to not come on Friday. We wanted the place all to ourselves for a change.

The first thing we did was sleep in. This wasn’t hard to do. Neither one of us seem to be morning people anymore. When we finally woke up, it was to cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. Yes! Things were looking good already! We threw open the windows to take advantage of the natural air conditioning while we could. Next on the list: a good cup of coffee.

We were sitting in our IKEA Poäng chairs in the living room, drinking a heavenly blend of Starbucks Sumatra and President’s Choice French Vanilla, and watching the world go by outside out window, when the wind came up. This was a sure sign of rain to come, but first we had to run around and close all the windows to prevent the dust and dirt from coming into the house. Once the rain started, however, we could throw most of them open again.

In the end, it rained most of the day. Harder at first, and then slow & steady for the rest of the time. Kind of like a spring or fall day back home in Canada. The kind where you just want to curl up in a comfy chair, have a hot drink close at hand, and read a good book or magazine. Which is exactly what we did :)

But then life caught up with us again: there was a toaster to fix, laundry to do, and dishes to wash... Is it siesta time yet?

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