Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Group Vehicle

When Kathy & I were driving around in town last weekend, I saw a cool vehicle parked in front of one of the stores. So I took a picture of it.

When I got back into the office again, a bright idea for a practical joke crossed my mind! Our organization was shopping around for a new group vehicle to replace our current, aging Mistubishi Pajero. We were looking for another one, preferably a pickup truck, that was suitable for rental by our members for personal use, and for use by our Centre Services department for hauling equipment and supplies. We had looked at Toyotas, Nissans, Mistubishis, and Fords, but no selection or decision had yet been made. So I sent the following message to all our personnel:

“Hello everyone!  As you know, we have been looking to replace our Pajero group vehicle with another vehicle. In addition to being able to transport passengers, our new vehicle also needs to be capable of carrying cargo so that we can transport furniture, fridges, and other materials as needed for the Centre, as well as get fuel for our generator. Adama and I have made the rounds of the various car dealerships here in Ouaga to look at pickup trucks, but have found them to be incredibly expensive. Therefore we have chosen another option that we believe will not only fulfill our vehicle requirements, but cost significantly less in terms of both the initial purchase price and ongoing maintenance.

I have attached a photo of the model of vehicle we have ordered and that is scheduled to arrive shortly. We hope you will find it both practical and enjoyable for use as our new group vehicle!”

Here’s the photo I sent with the message :)


Laura Dun said...

nice one, Mike! :-)

Laura Dun said...

Seriously, it actually looks rather a nifty little red number - not a bad idea at all, just not an ideal group vehicle...

Mike Steinborn said...

You know, I've had a couple of comments from people saying that this might not be a bad idea for a Centre services vehicle. Then we could concentrate on getting a nice passenger vehicle as a group vehicle without having to worry about trying to satisfy both needs.