Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 2 - Orlando

Another day of meetings, this time with folks from fund-raising, human resources, communications, and public relations. One of the cool things about visiting this centre and meeting with people is all beautiful and interesting display items that can be found in the hallways, in display cases, on the walls, and on stands. People even have interesting items and artefacts in their offices! One fellow had an old manual typewriter. When I commented on it and asked him why he had it there, he said that it was his laptop :) I had to take a picture!

Lunch was in the cafeteria/cafĂ©. Yesterday we enjoyed a complimentary meal. Today we had to pay ourselves, but that was okay because the food is good and not expensive. In addition, the place is so tastefully designed and decorated that it’s just a really neat place to eat.

After lunch, Kathy & I took a self-directed tour of the Wycliffe Discovery Center. It’s a top-notch display that features the work of linguistics, literacy, Bible translation, and more in a highly informative and interactive way. Wish we could have something like that at our office in Toronto!

Later on in the afternoon, our friend Paul took us to a nearby grocery store so that we could pick up a few items for meals for the next few days.

This evening after supper, I decided that I needed to go for a long walk to both stretch my legs and get a bit of exercise. Gotta watch my figure, you know! If I keep inputting more calories than I’m outputting like this (I don’t think sitting around and talking with people qualifies as a legitimate exercise), I’m gonna have a serious weight problem soon!

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