Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moving Right Along

Can you tell that we’ve got our hands pretty full with wedding preparations and other stuff right now? :) With all that going on, I’ve had to let a few things (like regular blog postings) slide for a while.

Last weekend, we drove up to Gravenhurst to join in the 125th anniversary celebrations at Calvary Baptist Church. This was the church we left from to prepare for overseas work and they have supported us right from the beginning. We stayed with some wonderful friends there that we first got to know when they visited with us for a few days in Burkina. While in Gravenhurst, we were also able to spend some time visiting and talking with some other long-time friends, as well as with someone interested in going to serve in Burkina on a short-term basis doing construction work.

A special singing group was the highlight at Calvary’s anniversary service. At one point, they gave out CDs of their music to a few special people. The first was to someone who was celebrating a birthday that day. It turned out to be the pastor! The second was to someone celebrating a wedding anniversary. That CD went to a couple celebrating their 64th ! Wow! And the last CD went to the people who had travelled the farthest to attend the church’s anniversary celebration. Ha! That turned out to be Kathy & I.

Preparations for Josh & Melissa’s wedding are coming right along. Kathy & I finally have our outfits. Mine was simple: go into a suit store and get fitted for a tuxedo. Kathy’s was more complicated but after a couple of weeks of driving around searching and trying stuff on, she finally got all the necessary pieces :)

I’m also working on preparations for the orientation I’ll be doing in the States after the wedding. It’s turning out to be a lot more work than I’d anticipated! Had I known that, I’d have left a little more time after the wedding to get ready! As it is, I might just have to wing it now and then. But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

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