Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Long Flight Home

Boy, it feels good to be off that plane! For some reason, the flight from Burkina to Canada always feels longer and more tedious than vice versa. One reason is the fact that on the Ouaga-Paris leg, we had to make a stop in Niamey. That’s got to be the longest one and a half hours ever! Next time I need to remember to bring a good book or something. Better yet, next time we’ll just avoid the flights that make this stop and pick another day to go. Live and learn.

We did, however, have a bit of excitement on that part of the trip. We flew through a thunderstorm. Lots of buffeting and bouncing around in the sky, complete with a few stomach-flipping drops that I quite enjoyed. Kathy wasn’t nearly as appreciative of these in-flight extras as I was :)

The flight from Niamey to Paris was uneventful. It was a nice plane, an Airbus with video screens in the seatbacks in front of us so we could watch the movies of our choice. A wonderful option except that it’s the time of day when you want to sleep, not watch movies!

The Paris-Toronto flight was a daytime one. Of course, that’s when Air France decides to put us on a huge, old 747. It can take a lot more passengers, but for us ordinary folks this translates into longer line-ups, longer loading times, and longer unloading times. In other words, more waiting time all around. Plus cramped seating and no individual video screens. You either watch what comes up on the common screens in the aisles or forget it. It was a LONG flight!

At least if I manage to get an aisle seat, I can take numerous opportunities to get up and walk around a bit. I had a window seat. My butt is still recovering.

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murrant said...

Brian and I just returned from our trip to Rwanda. On the finally leg of our journey Brian leaned over to me and commented that his butt had become one with the seat. His derriere is also still recovering. LOL