Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Trouble Again

On Tuesday morning, I got pulled over by the police again. Just as I was coming up to an intersection, the light turned yellow. I punched the accelerator and went through, turning left. A few dozen metres down the road, a policeman stepped out and waved me over.

“You just went through a yellow light,” he said. “I saw you accelerate when it turned yellow instead of stopping.”

“You’re right,” I confessed. He continued: “That carries a fine of 12,500 francs (about $25). You’ll have to come down to the police station tomorrow, pay the fine, and get your vehicle ownership back from us.”

“Is there any way I could pay the fine and get my ownership back today?” I asked. “I’m flying to England tonight for a 10-day training seminar.” He thought for a moment. “No,” he replied. I must have looked downcast because he asked if my wife was going too. When I said she wasn’t, he suggested that she could pay the fine for me and recover the ownership. Well, I had to admit that would work, so I said, “Ok, you have my ownership, but I guess I need a ticket from you so I can show it at the station when I go to pay the fine.”

The policeman called a fellow officer over and I waited for my ticket. Imagine my surprise when he said, “You know, you have been very cooperative. Most people argue with us and then we have to get tough. Here are your papers. You may go.”

I didn't argue with him about that either :)

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