Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Wife Has Left Me... But I'm Going to Get Her Back!

My wife up and left me yesterday. Yup, she just got on a plane and headed back to Canada. But first she made me buy her a plane ticket, and then take her to the airport too! So today, I decided to follow her. But do you think I could get a plane ticket on short notice like she did? Not a chance. Kathy asked for one at 3 p.m. yesterday, and by 8 p.m. was on a plane. No such luck for me! The earliest I can get a flight is Thursday night, and at a significantly higher price! Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

Okay, sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn’t because of me that Kathy left. I’m not that difficult to live with! (Just a little bit...) She left due to an urgent family situation back home. Meanwhile, I’m baching it here in Ouaga, trying to get all my ducks in a row so that I can be away from my responsibilities for a week or so too.

On the way back, we’ll be on the same flight, but we didn’t purchase tickets together. So when I was buying my ticket, I asked if the ticket agent could arrange for us to sit together. She looked doubtful, so I told her how much my wife loved me and how lonely she would be if I wasn’t beside her. The agent smiled and so did the agents on either side who were pretending to work but were actually listening in on our conversation. I could see I was making progress, so I pressed on. I told her what a pretty woman my wife was and how concerned I was that some other man would try to coax her away from me if I wasn’t sitting right beside her. That did the trick :) They were still laughing when I left.

I was hoping to do a little partying on the plane, you know, try to liven things up a bit, seeing as such a long flight would no doubt be a little boring without Kathy. But I just found out that some colleagues from Burkina will be travelling on the same flight. They’ve already taken the trouble to tell me that they’ll be keeping an eye on me! How did they know what I was planning to do?!

Guess I’d better find some warm clothes to take with me. I heard it’s around 10 degrees C where I’m going in Canada. It’s 40 here in Burkina. I know I’m going to appreciate the cooler temps, but that much difference is going to be killer! And then we’re coming right back to the Burkina heat again. We must be nuts!

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