Saturday, February 14, 2009

Same Place, Different Fray

For those of you who have been wondering how things have turned out with our landlord, we have some bad news for you. Sorry, but we don’t have to move :) I know that most of you were hoping that things would continue to head south on this issue so that I’d have more hard-times stories for you to read, but not this time! The landlord agreed to leave our rent at the same level as last year, and we agreed to pay the registration tax. The rental contracts have now been signed by us and endorsed by the Burkina authorities. Whew! I sure wasn’t looking forward to having to pull up stakes and move again, never mind looking for a new place!

Spent a day in the village on Thursday. The Kusassi Association invited me to come and participate in an information and Q&A meeting. It went really well.

But then I had to come home early because Kathy got a harsh e-mail from our director. All she wants to do is help our colleagues and employees with their health issues (which she’s been doing informally for quite some time now and which has been keeping her fairly busy). Before we came back to Burkina, he encouraged her in this direction. Now he’s telling her to stop, that there’s no official role for her like that here. Don’t ya just hate it when politics gets in the way of helping people? Looks like we’ve finished one battle just in time to start another one :/

Anyway, on the bright side, I’m turning 50 tomorrow! We’re gonna invite over some friends, turn up the music, and PARTY!!! Have a great weekend :P

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Laura Dun said...

Belated happy birthday, Mike. Glad you got thigns sorted with the landlord and that you can stay. Trust Kathy's role will get sorted out too. Blessings to you both.