Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love... Burkina Style

Just before Christmas, the wife and child of our day guard, Benjamin, left to go to the village to visit her family. From our perspective, we thought this a rather strange time to leave your husband to spend the holidays alone. But this is a different culture and they see and do things differently than we do. A few days ago, I asked him if his family was back yet. When he said no, I tongue-in-cheek suggested that maybe writing her a few love letters would entice her to come back! He laughed, whether from embarrassment or from the hilarity of such a notion, I don’t know. Writing love letters isn’t exactly a common practice in traditional African cultures!

Today he told me that she’s coming back home tomorrow. He said that he called her last night. When I asked if he’d done some sweet-talking, he simply laughed like I’d told a good joke. Haha, maybe I did! :)

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, did you hear about the lady that’s filing for divorce because she saw her husband’s avatar hugging another woman’s avatar on Second Life? Oh boy...

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