Thursday, June 26, 2008


I’ve never been so happy to spend $300 in all my life! That’s all it cost me to get out of the dentist office yesterday! My last check up was prior to going back to Burkina in 2003. After five years, I was afraid that I’d need at least one repair or filling, if not more. To my immense relief, an extremely thorough exam, complete with X-rays, showed no problems at all! All that was required was a routine cleaning. Woohoo!

If you’ve guessed by now that dental work is not exactly something I enjoy, you’re absolutely right. I thought $300 was a small price to pay for the relief I felt at spending such a problem-free couple of hours in THE CHAIR! And when’s the last time you got out of a dentist’s office for only $300? Unfortunately, Kathy was not so lucky. She’s going to need a few more appointments. But she’s a nurse. She loves needles and all that stuff :)

On that note, it was just a week ago that Kathy graduated from York University and we celebrated with family and friends. Yippeeee! I am now married to a scientific bachelor! She graduated with honours (magna cum laude) to get her B.Sc. in Nursing, something that will open more doors of opportunity for service in the area of health training and promotion with our work in Burkina.

I was scheduled to call Pastor Emmanuel in Burkina yesterday. I tried, but couldn’t get through. Not sure what the problem was, so I’ll have to try again today.


Aaron said...

Congrats, Kathy on your graduation!
Congrats, Mike on your healthy set of dents!

Mike Steinborn said...

Haha, thanks Aaron! Hopefully in the future, we'll experience the vice versa too (she'll have the clean check-up and I'll be graduating, but with a Masters this time)!