Monday, June 9, 2008

Bonne Nuit!

It’s been another great and crazy weekend. The day-long Discover Wycliffe seminar on Saturday went well. As predicted, however, it indeed turned out to be a long night the evening before as I scrambled to get the presentations put together the way I wanted them. I finally called it quits at 3 a.m. Then we were up at 6 to load the car and drive to Toronto to set up. About a dozen people came to participate in the seminar, about half of them college & university students looking for God’s direction in their lives and wondering if ministry with Wycliffe was a possibility.

This Sunday afternoon, we were at Life-Spring church in Toronto. I spoke during their worship service, and Kathy & I did a presentation afterwards. My message was average, but the presentation was a riot! The audience really got into the stories, skits, and linguistics practice! We always find it interesting to see how different audiences react to the various parts of our presentations.

We’ve got a real challenge coming up in July. We’ve just been invited to do our “Welcome to Ouagadougou!” event at a family camp retreat for four Baptist churches in New Brunswick. So what’s the challenge? No, it’s not the drive out there, nor the fact that they’re Baptists :) It’s that we’ve got to do the whole thing in French! This is a first for us, and we’re a little nervous about it! Sure, we can speak French passably well, but since coming home to Canada in 2005, we’ve not used it much.

Guess I’d better start reading my Bible in French, listening to French radio stations, and reading French books and magazines! Maybe Kathy & I will even start speaking to each other in French again. Gotta get that language back in our heads and our tongues back around those words before we get to New Brunswick in July! But it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. It’s late again and I need to get some much-needed sleep. Bonne nuit!

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