Monday, May 5, 2008

You Park, You Preach!

The minister at Home United Church near Brampton nearly lost his reserved parking spot on Sunday morning. I had been invited to speak at the church’s 148th anniversary service, thanks to a long-time member and friend who made the arrangements with the church board. Even though Kathy & I arrived half an hour early to touch base with Bonnie who would introduce us, parking was already at a premium.

As we drove around the church, we saw an open parking spot right next to the back door. However, there was a sign on the wall in front of it: “Reserved Parking for Minister. You Park, You Preach”. Well, I wasn’t the minister, but I sure was tempted to grab that spot! In my case, I figured that the reverse could also apply: “You Preach, You Park”. Why not? Kathy tells me I’m partly dyslexic anyway. Later on, when the minister arrived, I confessed my temptation and he just laughed. Apparently the church is well known for its lack of parking space, and his wife had told him that morning on the way to church that in light of the additional visitors for the anniversary service and my coming, he had lost his spot for sure!

Kathy & I had first attended this church 23 years ago when I worked on a nearby farm for the summer. It was our second summer in the city of Toronto after moving there from the family farm to attend Ontario Bible College, and I had a bad case of culture shock. I wanted to be out in the country again for a while, working with things with which I was familiar, like cows, hay, and tractors. So I got a job working on Brian & Bonnie’s dairy farm for that summer. And attended Bonnie’s church nearby. So on Sunday, I had that déjà vu feeling all over again!

Today, Kathy & I had to get up far too early and join the daily morning exodus to Toronto in order to help man the Wycliffe office there. We’ll be doing that for the next several weeks on Mondays and Tuesdays because the regular personnel for those days are away. Well, it gives us a different window to look out of for a few days. Maybe we’ll gain a different perspective on life too!

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