Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scrambling Through the Countdown

In preparation for our upcoming trip through the USA, we finally decided to get a CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) membership, after years of managing to do without it. It's not so much for possible troubles with our car as we travel. It's for the medical insurance should we have troubles with ourselves and end up in a hospital or clinic! Gone are the days when we thought we were invincible :) It was a simple choice between paying about $150 now or potentially having to sell our house to pay medical costs later. Since we don't have a house to sell, this was a no-brainer.

Other things on our list? A tune-up for the car, exploring options for our cellphones, arranging for a housesitter and bill payments while we're gone, cleaning up the house one last time, and preparing to do a performance of "Welcome to Ouagadougou!" before we leave. Calvary Baptist Church in Gravenhurst is hosting it this time, with the ladies group preparing an African meal and the youth serving it prior to our presentation. The Missions Committee is endeavouring to raise enough money through this event for us to buy some medical equipment to take back to Burkina with us. It takes place this Friday evening (April 4), starting at 6 p.m. So far, we have almost 70 people coming in total. Considering the size of the venue, things will be cozy, but there's always room for a few more, so if you still want to come, please let us know.

I was asked to speak at one of our partner churches on the Sunday before we leave, and was sorely tempted to accept (I have a hard time saying "no" and love to speak when I get the opportunity. I haven't found a microphone yet that I can't make friends with!). But on second thought, I realized that this would really be too much on the day before our departure and regretfully ended up declining. Sorry, Pastor Audley!

Some of you have asked about our itinerary during our time in the US. Here it is to date:

April 7 - Departure
April 8 - Visit friends & partners in Lancaster, PA
April 10-14 - Visit friends, colleagues, & JAARS Center in Waxhaw, NC
April 14 - Visit friends in Birmingham, AL
April 17-22 Visit friends, partners, & partner church around Dallas, TX
April 24 - Visit friends & partners in Macomb, IL
April 26-27 - Visit friends & partners in Cedar Rapids, IA
April 30 - Return home

Thanks to the people who have posted comments on this blog so far. It's great to hear from you in this way! Sometimes we can tell who you are, but often we can't because there is no name associated with the message. If you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine. But we'd encourage those of you who don't mind us knowing who you are to put your name(s) at the bottom of each message. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Well, it's approaching my bedtime, so I'll bid you all good night!

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