Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our American Journey - Day 7

Well, we definitely didn't need the air conditioning today! It started out sunny, but in the afternoon became cloudy and cool, then rainy and downright chilly in the evening! Probably a hint from on high that it's time to travel further south :) So tomorrow, we heading off to Birmingham, Alabama.

During our stay here at the JAARS Center in North Carolina, we had the joy of meeting and talking with several former colleagues from Burkina Faso, as well as a Wycliffe couple we got to know in Canada before they came to serve in a technical support position down here. I also had the pleasure of meeting with a few people I had first gotten to know via e-mail as a result of some of our EMUs where I talked about using the Internet to speed up linguistic analysis and language development. They are themselves pretty creative and innovative people, and it was great to talk further about these things and other ideas.

I also met someone who is in charge of creative strategies for speeding up the task. One of the main areas he's focusing on is business as mission. In other words, businesses whose focus is either direct involvement in Bible translation through a service or product that is helpful to the task, or indirect involvement by generating income that can help fund literacy and translation projects. We spent a very interesting couple of hours together and I came away with my head spinning with new ideas and possibilities! Getting them into practice, however, is a different story. But you've got to start somewhere.

Before I call it a day and hit the hay, I'd better find out where the nearest Starbucks is for when we hit the road tomorrow. It's gonna be a long drive!

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