Monday, March 31, 2008

It's About Time!

People have been asking us for ages if we have a website yet. Well, we've hesitated to put one up because of the work and maintenance involved, and the fact that it would be so static and boring. We wanted something that was more dynamic, where we could not only post new stuff on a regular basis, but interact with people like you who are following our adventures, where you can make comments and ask questions, where we can respond, and so on.

A blog seems to fit the bill, so Voila! Here it is!

Our upcoming trip to the USA to touch base with friends and partners before going back to Burkina Faso struck us as the perfect excuse to begin. Writing posts of our adventures on the road will give me something to do when Kathy's driving, and reading them will entertain Kathy when she's not playing her role as chief navigator while I'm driving. Kathy obviously won't need a navigator while she's driving because women are multi-taskers. She should be able to drive and read a map at the same time, don't you think? And if we get lost once in a while... well, that will make a great story too! Stay tuned...


Ron and Jeanette said...

Hey!! Good idea!! Looking forward to our trip to Ouaga on Friday!!

Mike Steinborn said...

So are we! Just a little detour to Burkina before we head off to the States, eh? Do you think that would qualify as adequate cross-cultural training for our trip? :P

J said...

"Coming soon to a theater near you" - posting an itinerary too?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike & Cathy - I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm listening in with interest.

Hank Koskamp said...

Hello Mike and Kathy,
Mike,you were here year or 2 ago, I don't recall your visit, but vaguely remeber you, I do recall we ate supper at Rose's restaurant, and you showed me some slides of the old AofG house in Zabre, where we also lived in 1981 for a year, My memory is working again since about New Years, and the 8 years prior to that are a fog. But I thank the Lord for every new day He gives me, my younger brother wasn't so lucky.
I have been combining the past month, for a good friend, German immigrant 25 years ago,it is a huge Cat combine, and he has 1200 acres here, all organic, and is an organic grains and oilseed dealer, exporting to Belgium, Germany. He is gone to Regina to check on his crops there, another 1000 acres organic spelt and canola. I was to meet him on Sunday in Regina, had to spread liquid manure yesterday and today--a business I started last year, we bought a large pump from Quebec, and 2 trucks, 4000gal, I have some drivers--neighbours, but they all took a long weekend, so I had to drive.
I am planning to go in partnership with my german neighbour/friend, the organic farmer//grain exporter, since I am fluent in Dutch and French, he wants me to deal with his Belgian clients, Rose and I plan to buy land in Sask, and a combine, so I can look after our interests there, flying out for planting, harvest, and Harro (my partner) will occupy his busy schedule handling customers/clients/grains etc. Since my severe back problems have been cured after the brain tumour surgery, and my memory is coming back, I have an urge to do something productive--I applied with a NGO in Toronto, as a community dev consultant, and they want me to take a field position based in Accra or Ouagadougou, resonsilbe for resettling people displaced by surface gold mining in northern Ghana and Burkina. They asked my salary expectations, and availablity. It is 7 weeks on and 3 weeks off, so Rose and I could visit with her family avery two months, in winter, or come to Canada for 3 weeks to run the farming operation. But we will see.
Please greet Emmanual Souga and his lovely wife, surely they will remember us!!!!!!!! And greet Fernand and Therese Banse, Esther and Fabienne Gouba.
Wishing you Gods blessings in your work, and may He bring you safely to Zabre,
your friends Hendrik and Rose